Continuing Daniele's Journey


Daniele Scaramelli’s enthusiasm and commitment to international cooperation have been a defining feature of his personal and professional life.

A passionate traveller and an inquisitive intellectual, he combined the ambition to boost the social and cultural environment of the persons he met along his travels with the belief that education and culture are the only means to initiate change and progress. From this stemmed his commitment to the promotion of primary education; and for this reason, his family and friends thought that the best way to remember him was to keep supporting the right to education of the Tuareg children in Dabaga, one of the first projects he worked on.

In order to achieve this ambitious objective, we want to share the treasures Daniele has left behind and, possibly, inspire others to join us in this long journey.

Here is how:

Our unassuming and kind friend was a talented photographer. He daily graced our facebook feeds and email inboxes with beautiful pictures. His bizarre subjects kept us marvelling of his many interests and the unexpected perspective with which he captured the world around him. Food, people, houses, lights, skies, animals, trees: everyday’s objects and situations upgraded to art.

While professionally “famous” for his dry and technically impeccable writing, Daniele kept his real writing talents well hidden from the outside world. Initiating his beloved Caterina to a life of curiosity and passion for travels and cultures, he wrote two beautiful books for young (and not so young) readers. For further details please follow this link

Spontaneous donations are obviously also welcome. For further details please follow this link.

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